Buy from your local cafes, restaurants and providores.

It all started in Kepos Street Kitchen.


Jesse Todd met with Kepos St Kitchen's owner, Michael, one sunny morning mid March and found out just how bad things had gotten for the local hospitality industry.

Almost all boutique suppliers of fresh produce and products were being forced to throw away their goods. Restaurants weren’t placing their usual orders and the major supermarkets weren’t stocking them.

Meanwhile, people were desperately lining up at the shops to buy necessities — often without success. 

Local Pick Me Up was created to establish a direct supply and demand between hard-hit food suppliers and providors and local communities. 

Our mission is to give communities an easy way to get what they need and support their local businesses through the tough times ahead.


Well because in times like these we need to come together as a community and ask ‘How can I be helpful?’. Those of us lucky enough to not be lining up for 6 hours (!) for government payments,  and privileged enough to have a place to isolate within, have an obligation to all of our fellow citizens – to help where we can.

To do our bit. To do something.

Because, if the coronavirus has taught us one thing, it is that we are (and have always been) all in this together.


Local Pick Me Up is the brainchild of Jesse Todd, Compost Revolution CEO/founder, David Gravina; and Alana Stocks, founder of digital agency, Circul8.